José María Pinedo is an admiring of the painting and he likes to emulate the masters of the Art´s History. He takes their composition and motif in the new paintings. The own art of the new artist gives a new shape to the great paintings in the best museums. Like this, avoiding a simple copy, he shows the admiration to the classical painting, to create the french “d´apres”, after Zurbaran, after Matisse or Monet.

On the other hand, José María Pinedo while looks with attention and delectation the classical painting, he has “done hand” and he has reinforced his own language. A singular plastic work full of colour and rhythm, that live on the pop and from his daily joy, using the advertising, domestic and urban icons.

Pinedo is a painter that knows to look, to contemplate, he knows the way to do painting. He works very well with the composition and the colour to obtain categorical paintings, harmonic pieces that attracts attention of the collectors. Will have to be aware of his pictorial career.